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The advent of technology in general and the computer in particular, and its integration into almost everything, has resulted in a paradigm shift in how enterprises conduct their business. Computers have become a staple of the office space, and they offer a certain level of automation that is hard to imagine did not exist just a quarter of a century ago.

However, as time goes on, newer and faster computers are being introduced into the market, and companies, organizations, and enterprises are, after some time, forced to acquiesce to the newer models. So what exactly happens with the older ones that had already been bought.

That is where we come in. BayTech Recovery is a company that has been around for numerous years and that pride itself as, amongst other things, the best when it comes to sell electronics. If you are looking to sell your computer, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is it exactly that we do?

BayTech Recovery, as mentioned, is a company that prides itself in offering services that have everything to do with Information Technology. Our services include but are not limited to the refurnishing and reselling of computers and other IT accessories and entities.

We are professionals with expertise in IT asset disposal, which covers as simple an activity as finding a person willing to buy your company’s old computers. We also specialize in data wiping, which is essential when transacting computers, as you do not want another person to have access to your information and files. Essentially, we offer general IT asset disposal work and are renown in and around the Bay Area for precisely this.

What is it exactly that we do?

Data Handling

Data, even though it is abstract, does take up a lot of storage. So long as your company is functional, it will be pumping out new data almost perpetually; the number of sales, inventory, salary sheets, and such. Of course, though all data is important, newer data is more important as compared to old, used data. For this reason, it is essential to make sure that you can safely discard the old data to make space for the new data. This process is called data decommissioning, and it requires a certain level of expertise that can only be obtained if you have been in the industry for a couple of years. Bay Tech Recovery will help you and your company in all matters of data Security. We will make sure that in the process of selling used computers, all the data on there is either safe with you or has been erased effectively.

Staying Green

Most of the time, when companies find that they are unable to sell used computers, they simply dump them away. Suffice it to say that this is a very detrimental practice to the environment. What is sadder is that selling your computer might not necessarily mean selling it as a whole, but it can be done by dismantling it and selling it in parts. The bigger picture is that if you want to sell computer near me, you should consider the environment and the community around you. This is the reason why Bay Tech Recovery has an objective of staying green and taking into consideration the environment in all our endeavors and processes.

Rules & Regulations

Data, especially personal data, is a very precious commodity and one that should be protected at all costs. The law understands this, and that is why stringent rules and regulations have been put in place to make sure that handling of data ad IT assets, in general, is done in an organized and safe way. These rules and regulations are known as the R2 regulations, and they are modified over and over again to keep with the times. The latest alliteration is the R3v2 version of the rules. If your company is thinking 'I want to sell my computer' then it is not only necessary but also essential to make sure that you find a dealer or middleman that is conversant with the said rules and regulations, so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law. BayTech Recovery is a quintessence of this company.

Return on Investment

Computers are classified as assets in a company, but over time, they will lose their value as newer and more efficient models hit the market, and as the company itself continues to grow. Therefore, at a certain point in time, you and your company may be looking to sell computers near me. Selling the said computers is a very effective way of clearing old inventory and making room for newer and more efficient assets. Moreover, selling the computers will act as a source of income for the company, and thus is considered a return on investment. The longer you stay with your computer without selling it, the faster it depreciates. Thus, you have to look for the fastest way to sell your computer. Let BayTech Recovery alleviate this burden from you and your company. We have an extensive and intensive network spread globally, and you can be assured that we will find someone that will buy your computers. So don't bleed money, make money; get the healthiest return on investment while simultaneously reducing manufacturing overhead costs; contact us today.

Why should you use our services?


There are rungs to professionalism; this is a fact. The highest tier of professionalism and expertise is one that has been attained by spending a plethora of years in a given industry, and thus the expert understands every nook and cranny and is able to meet the wants and needs of the customer.

This is the sort of professionalism that we offer to our clientele, you can thus rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure that we sell used computers that are from your company in a fast and appropriate way, while also ensuring that you remain on the right side of the law and get the best return on investment possible.

Physical Location

In order to meet your needs, we have to be close by. If your company is in or around the Bay Area, then you can be assured we are the ones for you. Our proximity will ensure that everything is dealt with on time, and you will also be able to see for yourself how we operate and how we will sell your computers in record time. What’s more, because of our said proximity to the clientele, you will not have to worry about moving the computers over long distances, which could increase the cost of selling them, reduce your profit margin, and thus reduce your return on investment.

Certifications that we hold

As much as a company claims to be the best, they have to show hard evidence of the said claims. The evidence, in this case, should come as certifications from recognized bodies and should be directly concerning the services that the company offers.

BayTech Recovery, having been in the industry for some time now, has been able to amass an impressive collection of certifications, and to this day endeavors to make sure that it reaches new heights when it comes to customer care, environmentally friendly activities, and most of all, finding the best price when it comes to IT asset disposal.

The best ROI

When it comes to IT assets and entities, it is far easier to sell computers and other accessories in developing countries than it is to sell them in developed countries. That is precisely the reason why, over the years, we have endeavored to set up a network of connections throughout the globe.

Therefore, when it comes to selling your used computer, you can be assured that one way or another, we will not only find a customer for you, but also that we will find the best price for you, and thus you will have the best return on investment. So do not hesitate to give us a call today; we will be more than happy to meet your wants and needs.

Our commitment to staying green

Every enterprise would have an objective of ensuring that all their procedures and processes do not only endanger the environment but also improve the livelihood of the community in and around the said enterprise. Sadly, this is not always the case, and some companies are more focused on profitability than they acquiesce to the well-being of what is around them.

At BayTech Recovery, we endeavor to make sure that all our processes are more than helpful to both the environment and the community around us. We have a myriad of certifications and licensees that sow this to be a fact, and every passing day we try and make our activities even greener and greener, with the aim of eventually running on 100 percent eco-friendly processes.


Our Certifications

BayTech Recovery has been around for some time now, and over the years, we have been able to create a wonderful catalog of certifications and licenses for all the services that we offer. of course, the main beneficiary to this is our clientele, who know that they are working with the best in the business and a company that goes out of its way to make sure that the wants and needs of its clientele are not only meet but exceeded.

The services that we offer

IT asset disposal is a pretty wide industry, and it will prove to be an onerous task to find a company that can be able to offer as many services, and of top tier quality, as we offer. With Bay Tech recovery, you can be assured that you will get a plethora of services all under one roof. We offer you data security solutions, IT Asset Disposal, cost-effective decommissioning of servers, removal of data centers and other equipment that is part of the infrastructure, the configuration of data centers, and sourcing to get services that tailor-fit your needs.

The best return on investment

You can rest assured knowing that we will take every possible step to ensure that you get the best return on investment. With computers, especially the older generations, this can be tricky, but we at BayTech will ensure that you get the best ROI possible.

Decommissioning your data

Before we sell used computers, we have to make sure that all the data in the said device has either been decommissioned or has been erased completely, so that the next person is not able to access the said information. You can count on us to handle this for you in an ethical way that is on the right side of the law, and thus you will not have to worry about a thing.


If we find that it is best to sell your company's computers in parts, then we also take it upon ourselves to ensure that the level of e-wastage is kept at a minimum. We will actively endeavor to ensure that every part of that computer is either sold, recycled, or reused.

ROI percentage return

It must be said that the RO you will get after we sell your computer is directly dependent on a plethora of factors; the model of the computers, how long they have been in use, and such like. That being said, we will ensure that you get the best deal when you sell your computer, and you can treat this as a guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will I get for selling my computer?

Well, this will depend on a lot of things, but most of all on the model of the computer itself, and how long the computer has been in use.

How fast will my company be able to sell its computers ?

With BayTech Recovery, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you sell your computer in record time.

Which is the best computer selling service in the Bay Area ?

The most effective way to know the best company that offers a said product is through testimonials and referrals. BayTech Recovery provides the best computer selling services in and around the bay area using this criterion.

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