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    Our FAQ

    Why should you use our services?

    When it comes to dealing with matters to do with data, you need people who are professional and those who have the papers to show that they know what they are doing. Our certifications speak for themselves, and they include certified IT and other equipment skills, including mechanical, video, and testing equipment.

    With us, you are sure that you will get the best return on investment for your asset disposal. This way, your company can recoup some of the money it used to acquire the said asset while also ensuring that you can now easily refresh your inventory.

    There is certain professionalism that comes from years of experience in the business, and that is the type that we offer. With us, you can be assured that not only will all your needs be met, but the process through which you will be catered to will also be as smooth and professional as can be. Moreover, so many people prefer us because of our location in the bay area. We are literally just a phone call away. So long as your company is in or around the Bay Area, we will be there for you whenever you need us.

    All the services we offer would be for nothing if they resulted in the detriment of the environment. This is why we take every possible measure to ensure that all our procedures and process are environmentally friendly. We have a myriad of certifications to prove that our commitment to companies, the community, and the environment is always a top priority for us. There aren’t many asset recovery companies that can claim the same.