Data Center Decommissioning

Our company has several years of experience working in data centers. We start by explaining our documentation and planning to help our clients get an idea of how the data center will be decommissioned.

BayTech Recovery has successfully served its clients’ global needs for cost-effective decommissioning solutions that ensure the safe, efficient removal of data centers, office space, audio-video, medical, testing equipment, and any other parts of its infrastructure. With the advent of nascent technology into the market every couple of years, and sometimes even months, we understand the importance of making sure that you and your business integrate the said technologies into your day-to-day operations.

As a company, we specialize in the server decommissioning process in general, and the data center decommissioning in particular. We are also head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to the refurbishing and resale and reuse of computer appliances. Moreover, we also offer IT asset disposal services to companies, enterprises, and organizations in and around the Bay Area.

Selling Points

In order for a company to stay profitable, they have to keep with the times. This means that an enterprise should endeavor to make sure that it stays as modern as can be. Most of the time, this requires the need to make sure that they implement the latest technologies and appliances into their operations.

In the case of data and data servers, companies, especially over the last couple of years, have slowly begun to transition away from physical data centers into cloud services subscriptions. Of course, this requires data center decommissioning, and there is a specific server decommission process that has to be followed.

In the event that you have your company in or around the Bay Area, and you want to have your data decommissioned, then you should give Bay Tech Recovery a call. We are at the apogee when it comes to such services, and thus you can be guaranteed that all your wants and needs will be effectively and adequately taken care of when all is said and done.

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Recycling Of Assets

Data decommissioning & ROI

Companies and enterprises treat servers and data as assets. Every single enterprise needs assets; they are a measure of value as well as growth. However, after some time, the said assets may become useless to the enterprise, and be cumbersome to the inventory. Ergo, it is only right that the enterprise rids itself of the assets.

However, the enterprise needs to make sure that it is able to get a healthy return on investment on the assets. This, when it comes to data center decommissioning, and in general, the server decommissioning checklist, is not as easy as it may sound, and thus experts and professionals well adept in the said field are needed.

This is the reason why many people prefer Bay Tech Recovery when it comes to IT asset disposal. With numerous years of experience and a network of connections that spans the entire globe, you can be assured that we will get the best price for your asset when you want to dispose of it.


By ensuring that you get a healthy ROI when disposing of your assets, you can be assured that your company will cut on some manufacturing costs as well as clear old inventory. Old servers require a lot more maintenance, take up more space, and use a lot more power than the latest additions to the market, or simply using clouds. Thus, with data server decommissioning, you will cut the costs that your company is incurring, and thus reduce manufacturing overhead costs, MOH.


Rates of E-waste

When it comes to asset disposal, there is a certain percentage of the asset that may not be resold for one reason or another. Maybe it is technology too old and long forgotten, maybe it has gone through so much wear and tear that finding a new owner is cumbersome and an onerous task. That being said, you can rest assured that we will try and make sure that the percentage of the e-waste is as low as possible so that we can not only ensure that you have the best return on investment, but also so that we do not harm the environment.

Rate of ROI for the customer

Again, the ROI you will get after your asset disposal will depend on the asset itself; its depreciation, its wear and tear, and such. That being said, you can rest assured knowing that we will take care of you and yours, and fetch the best RIO possible for the said asset.

Going Green

When it comes to matters to do with IT, not many companies and enterprises take into account the fact that using and getting rid of computer appliances improperly can lead to the detriment of the environment. Of course, because of sharing of information, many companies have begun to take this into account, but we have a long way to go.

At Bay Area Recovery, throughout the server decommission process, as well as throughout all the services we offer, we endeavor to make sure that 100 percent of our activities are environmentally friendly. This means that you can rest assured knowing that if you hire us to do your bidding, we will endeavor to make sure that nothing bad will happen to the environment.

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New standard

When it comes to data center decommissioning, there are rules and regulations that have been set in place so as to ensure that the safety and privacy of the said data remain in place. The company that is doing the data decommissioning process needs to adhere to these rules to the latter.

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Why Us?

Why us ?

There are a plethora of companies in and around the Bay Area that claim to offer the same services and quality of services as us, and so you may be asking yourself, what is it exactly that makes us so unique? Well, here are just a couple of examples as to why you should give us a call when it comes to data center decommissioning.


With us, you can be assured that we will offer you a level of expertise and professionalism that is only attained when you have been in the industry for numerous years, and have dealt with almost every type of problem in the said industry. This expertise, experience, and professionalism is the type that is only attained if you have been around for a couple of years and know your way in, out, and around the said industry.


If your company is in and around the Bay Area, then you can rest assured that we are simply a call away. All you have to do is contact us, and in a shake of a lamb's tail, we will be right there with you, ready to tend to your wants and needs.

The care for those around us

We understand that profitability should not come at the expense of what is around us, and that is why we have endeavored to make sure that our server decommission process is not to the detriment of the community or environment. What is more, we actively endeavor to make sure that the community and environment actually benefit from our activities, and because of this, we have received a plethora of certifications.


What is it exactly that makes us unique, you might ask? What is our selling point exactly, and what makes Bay Tech Recovery special? Essentially, what is the competitive advantage that we have over the rest of the industry?

  • Certifications

    As mentioned earlier, we have numerous certifications that not only show that we are licensed to do what it is that we do, but also ascertaining and crediting our years of experience in the industry as the reason why we have gotten to the apogee of data center decommissioning as well as other activities and been able to stay there for such a long time.

  • Data Decommissioning Services We Offer

    Bay Tech is simply a one-stop-shop; a place you can get everything as pertains to IT under one roof. We offer you IT Asset Disposal, data security solutions, removal of data centers and other equipment that is part of the infrastructure, offering cost-effective decommissioning of servers, and finally sourcing to get services that tailor-fit your needs the configuration of data centers.

  • Steps To Offer You The Best ROI

    When it comes to disposing of your assets, not only do you want to have a return on investment, you need to get a healthy one, if not the best one. Computer appliances fetch far more value in developing countries, and our expensive and intensive network will ensure we get the best price for your asset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of data center decommissioning?

The most important benefit of data center decommissioning is that the company will be able to get rid of the old technology and make space and time for new technology which is faster, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly.

Are there rules and regulations that apply in the server decommission process ?

Yes, there are procedural laws that have been put in place during the server decommission checklist, and they must be followed to the latter. To avoid being on the wrong side of the law, you need to make sure that you get yourself a company that understands and follows the said laws. BayTech is a quintessence of this.

How will we satisfy your needs ?

As mentioned earlier, we will pull out all the stops to make sure that all your wants and needs are met. This includes talking to other people in the industry to find the best customer for your asset, as well as making sure that during the entire data decommissioning process, rules and regulations are followed.