Data Center Storage

The advent of technology and more specifically the internet, into our everyday routines has resulted in a need for data, and thus a need to find a way to store it. Over the years, new and improved ways of data storage and data storage management have continued to flood the market, and thus for many companies, it may prove to be a bit of an onerous task to try and find data center storage solutions.

This is the reason why it has become more than essential to try and identify a company or consultancy firm that will not only help with data storage management and offer data center storage solutions, but also a company that will offer other data and IT related solutions. That is what Bay Tech Recovery does, and does well.

What is it exactly that we do?

Well, in many ways, we are a jack of all trades and a master of almost all of them. Bay Tech Recovery is a place where you can get a myriad of IT services. We refurbish and resell used computers and computer accessories, as well as recycle their parts. Moreover, we also offer IT asset disposal services in and around the Bay Area. When it comes to IT asset disposal, we specialize in data wiping, which is making sure that the accessory no longer contains any of your company’s personal data, as well as general IT asset disposal work.

Data Storage Solution

A part that is essential to data storage management is data decommissioning. A company releases data in perpetuity, well, until the company ceases to exist. That is a lot of data, to say the least. However, since there is only so much space to store the said data, it is only right that after a period of time, the old data is decommissioned so as to make space for the new data.

When it comes to data decommissioning, there are certain rules and regulations that have been set in place to make sure that the integrity of the data is not compromised throughout the decommissioning process.

Return on Investment

An enterprise needs assets; as a measure of value and also to make sure that the said enterprise is efficient and effective in its process. However, over time, old assets tend to become useless, and thus they must be disposed of. That being said, it is only right that the said enterprise finds a way to recoup some of its money when disposing of the asset.

This is the reason why IT asset disposal is so important; it offers a return on investment while simultaneously getting rid of old inventory and reducing the manufacturing overhead costs of the enterprise.

As part of our data center storage solutions, we will help you with ITAD, so as to ensure that your company is not losing money but making money.


Rate of E-waste

If we are not able to sell off your asset as a whole, we will break it down into its constituent parts and make sure that you are able to get the best return on investment. In taking this approach, we will also go out of our way to ensure that we minimize the amount of E-waste that is produced.

Rate of ROI Return

The ROI of an asset after asset disposal is dependent on the value of the asset itself, and its rate of deterioration. That being said, with us, you are guaranteed the best ROI possible when it comes to your asset.

Why Us?

Why do people use our services ?

The most effective and efficient way to know if a company is any do is through testimonials and referrals from people who have to use it. So why do many people prefer using Bay Tech Services?

Our certifications

Certifications, essentially, are proof that the company or enterprise is doing what it is implying to be doing, and at a level and quality that a registering body has deemed fit for customer use. Bay Tech Recovery has a myriad of certifications when it comes to the services that we offer, and most importantly when it comes to data center storage solutions and data storage management.


There is a certain level of professionalism that is only acquired after being in a specific industry or environment for many years, and that is exactly what we offer.

Best return on Investment

As mentioned earlier, we will do everything in our power to make sure that we give you the best ROI rates when it comes to your Asset disposal.

Caring for those around us

We also do take into account the influence that our services, and the provision thereof, have on our immediate surroundings; the environment, the community, and in general the people all around us. We have certifications that show this, and we continue to make sure that all our processes are safe for everyone and everything all around us.

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What is our unique selling point ?

So what is it exactly that makes BayTech Recovery special, and why should you come to use and not the competition? Well, there is a plethora of answers for this, so let us highlight just some of them.

  • Our certifications

    As mentioned earlier, for every single activity that we offer, be it data storage management, data center storage solutions, IT asset disposal, or any other service, we have a corresponding certificate to show that we are indeed the best in the business, and the quality of services that we offer does meet all the set standards.

  • The services that we offer

    Bay Area Recovery is simply a one-stop-shop where you will get everything you need under one roof. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to; IT Asset Disposal, offering cost-effective decommissioning of servers, removal of data centers and other equipment that is part of the infrastructure, the configuration of data centers, and sourcing to get services that tailor-fit your needs.

  • Return on investment

    At Bay Tech Recovery, we have, over the years created an intensive and extensive network to make sure that we will be able to sell our assets in record time, while at the same time making sure that you get the best return on investment possible. We will wipe the data off the said asset before we resell it so that no one else will be able to access your company's personal and sensitive information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need data center storage solutions?

Chances are that your company, though having incorporated IT, is not an IT company. Thus, you will need a consultancy firm to make sure that the IT department, and more specifically data storage, is running effectively and efficiently.

Why do we need data storage management?

Well, the main reason why you need data storage management is the fact technology is changing perpetually, with more and more advanced and safer means to store data coming out almost every other day. Thus, you need someone who can help you know what method is best for your enterprise.