IT Asset Disposal

As information technology hardware advances, it is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to do with end of need computing equipment. Electronic hardware can no longer be sent to the shredder or put out for scrap as it is required to be disposed of in a secure and compliant manner. Companies must consider environmental and regulatory factors when making a choice to pick their hardware partner. 

How and where you dispose of information technology (IT) assets is called IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). IT Asset Disposition practice supports the disposal needs for your organization when updating, upgrading, or disposing of computing hardware. Reach out to understand our comprehensive ITAD guide in changing sustainable disposal.

Open Hardware Movement

At Baytech Recovery, we explore all options before disposing of any hardware.

The open-source movement is closely linked to hardware reuse. In addition to allowing for the reuse of white label equipment in other data centers, the development of open hardware standards has created secondary and tertiary markets for it.

Facebook, Microsoft, Google and many others have pushed the envelope by creating the Open Compute Project, which has opened up hardware standards that vendor restrictions would have otherwise constrained. Members of the OCP, such as Google, have a reputation for proactively repairing customized hardware. Google’s hyper-scale Data centers reportedly use both new and refurbished equipment. On-premises operators are more likely to be open to the idea of secure remarketing of IT Equipment. 

reuse and open hardware
Certified Recycling

Certified Recycling

It still makes sense to dispose of redundant hardware sometimes, even though reuse is the gold standard in ITAD. As a result, it is imperative to ensure that the proper disposal regulations are followed at all levels of EPA.

We answer all questions you have concerning IT asset disposal in the best way possible. Our end-to-end reporting showcases all of our work and guarantees certified measures were taken to correctly downstream all hardware. 


How do we differ from others?

Tailored Fit Services

Through our Baytech Recovery, we meet your needs through the services we provide which are Data Security Solutions, IT Asset Disposal, Sourcing and more. We remove Data centers and other equipment that are part of your infrastructure and create comprehensive tailored services to fit your needs.

Best ROI (Return On Investment)

For your company to receive the best return on investment, we make sure that we take all the necessary steps. Our in-house tech team is fully equipped to refurbish various IT equipment in order to ensure the best ROI possible. Several methods can also be used to obtain tax benefits, including donating and recycling assets.

Disposal of IT Equipment

To ensure environmental sustainability, we sustainably dispose of all your e-waste. To accomplish this, the assets are disassembled into their constituent parts, which can be reassembled or recycled when necessary. The actions, processes, and procedures that we undertake are environmentally friendly. They are in compliance with environmental laws, which are healthy for you, your business, our community, and the environment.

Why should you use our services ?


Years of experience in the business adds a certain level of professionalism, and that is what we provide. Our team will ensure to meet all of your requirements and provide you with a smooth and professional process through which your needs will be met.


Data matters require not only professionals but also those who have the qualifications to prove their skills. The certifications we have spoken for themselves.

Protecting our environment

To continue operating in an environmentally friendly manner, we take all the necessary steps to make sure our procedures and processes are environmentally friendly. The certifications we have earned demonstrates that we always keep the best interests of our clients, the community, and the environment in mind.