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BayTech Recovery is a one-stop Informational Technology company that offers comprehensive and innovative services to the private and corporate sectors. Our experts work with you every step of the way to ensure you get high-quality customized services that suit your needs.

We specialize in repurposing and reselling IT equipment including, but not limited to; Computers, Laptops, Servers, Network Switches Tablets, and more.

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IT Asset Disposal

We are an R2 Standard compliant company and partner with companies with such standards. Our private facility also provides secure and eco-friendly Electronic Recycling services for enterprise clients. Our disposal services are backed with detailed reporting of your IT assets. The free pick is available for qualifying businesses or companies.

  • Buyout

    Our consultant will come to do an on-site assessment before providing you with our pricing, which is very competitive. The inventory is done professionally and the payment for your IT equipment is dispersed based on your preference.

  • Equipment Remarketing

    We come to the client’s site and carry out an assessment before giving our percentage that will be based on the agreement. With equipment re-marketing there is a lot of free services based on qualification and we try to get the best value out of the equipment.


IT Asset Disposal Process

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