Mitigating Risks When Handling IT Asset Disposal

Mitigating Risks When Handling IT Asset Disposal
Many businesses struggle to keep pace with the evolving technology and equipment used in their daily operations. When it is time to replace retired or outdated IT equipment, businesses must be careful with the disposition. They need to form a proper strategy to eliminate their IT assets efficiently to minimize the hazards involved.

Risks Involved with ITAD

Businesses that don’t pay much attention to their IT equipment disposal run the following risks. Each of these can cost the business both financially and growth-wise. Understanding these hazards is essential to develop safe ITAD processes for your company. 

Data Breaches

Unauthorized access to private information concerning the company or its customers can result in data loss or breaches. A data breach may occur with the need for a small piece of sensitive data, but it can harm the company’s operations. Several companies face data breaches due to improper disposal of their IT assets that contain crucial company data. Devices are frequently not managed and decommissioned in compliance with industry standards and regulations, which makes it crucial to carefully organize schedules and carry out erasure/destruction services with a reliable vendor.

Disregard for Industry Regulations

When disposing of the company’s IT assets, it is essential to consider the industry standards and policies to ensure you are doing it correctly. Regulatory requirements for the deletion and destruction of IT assets vary by industry and include FACTA, HIPPA/HITECH, PCI, etc. A business won’t have the correct records and certifications required if an audit is conducted without using a third-party vendor that is duly certified to handle IT asset disposition. Industry regulations are essential for a seamless ITAD process ensuring safe data destruction and equipment reuse/recycling.  Mitigating Risks When Handling IT Asset Disposal


One of the major risks involving IT asset disposal is data security. Businesses that want to eliminate outdated electronic equipment must also account for the data stored on these devices. The sensitive information on these must be safeguarded under privacy laws, otherwise facing legal repercussions. The ITAD process must clarify the data erasure or shifting criteria before selling or destroying obsolete hardware. A certified ITAD vendor has the expertise to erase data before selling equipment or provides shredding and part recycling for your piece of mind.

Environmental Hazards

IT equipment disposals have caused concern about electronic waste disposed of improperly in landfills and trash incinerators. As businesses and customers want their operations to be environmentally sustainable, the ITAD process must keep the environment in mind. The repercussions of violating the environmental disposal and recycling procedures can be severe. It may cost more as companies not following these policies may have to pay fines, penalties and costs for proper cleanup. Moreover, the company’s reputation is also at stake when the retired IT equipment isn’t treated rightfully.

Ways to Prevent Risks of Improper ITAD

As seen above, IT asset disposal is a major part of organizations that employ different technological equipment for their daily operations. To minimize the risks of improper ITAD disposal, the company should consider the following approaches:

Hire a Certified ITAD Vendor

Data security and integrity must be the primary concern for businesses when they need to get rid of IT asset disposal. You can hire a certified ITAD vendor to assist the organization’s data deletion and erasure. When you work with a skilled ITAD vendor who provides certified data erasure services, you may access outside data security expertise and free up your IT team to focus on other important responsibilities. A qualified ITAD vendor’s knowledge, training, and stringent procedure ensure that the data sanitization process is carried out correctly. The standardized procedures followed by these ITAD vendors mitigate the risks of improper disposal and benefits in terms of cost and effort. However, choosing the vendor is crucial as you can’t trust anyone handling your sensitive data and equipment.

Make an ITAD Policy Guide

Businesses must have a valid ITAD policy for discarding e-waste. These policies indicate how the disposal will take place in compliance with the legal and ethical policies. Moreover, the strategy includes which recycler should be used, who should look after it, what the report should display, etc. The ITAD vendor assists in forming the ITAD policy for the company and trains the employees on the technicalities of the process. Employee cooperation is necessary to properly dispose of the IT equipment and minimize the risks involved.  Mitigating Risks When Handling IT Asset Disposal

Create Reports for Every IT Asset Disposal

IT asset management is crucial to ensure the company’s data and IT assets are secure and organized. Auditors might want to know about the ITAD processes, data security, finance etc. Hence, seamless operations must have a detailed report following every IT asset disposal. The ITAD vendor you hire must provide you with this relevant information regarding these disposals in the audits to understand the organization’s key data and technological aspects.

Ensure Seamless IT Asset Disposal over Multiple Locations

Most companies have their setups in multiple locations and need to get rid of outdated IT equipment. The vendor you hire must be available to complete the ITAD process in every location, following the business regulations. All the offices, remote sites and other business locations need to dispose of their IT equipment as they reach their age and must be replaced with advanced equipment. The vendor must be able to keep track of the ITAD needs across all the company’s locations for a seamless disposal process minimizing any risks. Businesses should consider the dangers of ITAD procedures and every security area to protect their company’s data, reputation, and liabilities. A strong ITAD policy and the vendor will help eliminate most of these concerns; however, regular audits should guarantee seamless operations. For a proper, safe, and secure IT asset disposal process, get in contact with Baytech Recovery. We are certified ITAD vendors who will take care of the entire ITAD process for your organization. Our safe approaches mitigate the risks of improper ITAD by providing asset management, secure shredding/recycling and safe storage and logistics. Have any questions regarding the topic Mitigating Risks When Handling IT Asset Disposal feel free to comment below. Also Read: How to Choose the Right IT Asset Disposal Service for Your Business?